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Selfie Museum Dubrovnik

Step into The Museum of Selfie and Memories Dubrovnik and immortalize your stay in Dubrovnik through a series of fun and colorful photos. This museum is the new place to visit once you’re in Dubrovnik. You will have an incredible time while making fun and memorable photographs together with your friends and family. Dubrovnik’s Selfie Museum is guaranteed to wake up your inner child and bring you immense joy and a lot of laughter. There are plenty of backgrounds and sets for photo taking that will provide you with unlimited fun time. Jump inside the colorful ball pit pool or act like a king or queen inside the golden bathroom. Become a true angel with wings or maybe a horned devil, surround yourself with pretty pink flamingos, or sit on the Dubrovnik Rector throne. One thing is sure, you will have an enjoyable time taking photos and making memories here. So don’t miss out on the chance to visit The Museum of Selfie and Memories Dubrovnik. Let your imagination run wild, experience unforgettable fun and joy, and make incredible memories.

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