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Dubrovnik Old Town

Where to stay in Dubrovnik Old Town


Indulge in the unique experience of Renaissance Dubrovnik in the heart of the old town. Bota Palace is located in the former Caboga Palace right on the main street – Stradun. The idea behind Bota Palace is to offer the guests a memorable vacation in the enjoyable ambiance of this great stone house through a special offer of excursions, various facilities, and of course gastronomic delicacies.

Staying in Bota Palace will allow you to visit all the main attractions of Dubrovnik very easily. Its location allows access to the very center of all events. And everything you’ll need during your time off is only a short walk away from the Bota Palace accommodation.

Experience a Mediterranean piece of paradise on Earth and get to know Dubrovnik’s tradition, history, and gastronomy.

Bota Palace’s accommodation units are named after Croatian cities and places where Bota Šare restaurants are located. The interior of Bota Palace is inspired by the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Dubrovnik region and it is also decorated with art made by young local artists. The rooms are furnished with modern technical and visual details that allow you to have an amazing and relaxing holiday.

This unique and breathtaking former palace represents a new step in the offer of the Bota Šare brand and it perfectly complements the half-century-long tradition in the hospitality industry for the Šare family.