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Where to eat

Explore the colorful gastronomy world of Dubrovnik and get to know what and where to eat during your stay in the most beautiful town on the Adriatic coast.

Where to eat in Dubrovnik Old Town

As a well-known tourist destination, it’s no surprise that Dubrovnik has a lot to offer to its visitors, especially when it comes to the gastronomic scene. Due to its big popularity and many yearly visitors, Dubrovnik develops and positions itself highly when it comes to its gastronomic offer. During your stay in Dubrovnik, you’ll be able to find restaurants, fast foods, and bars suitable to all tastes and budgets. There is no doubt you’ll be able to enjoy many delicious dishes while in Dubrovnik, and you’ll be able to find foods and restaurants that suit you and your taste buds. That’s why we curated the list of all the best restaurants in Dubrovnik. Here you will find everything you may like, from tasty fast food to the traditional and delicious Mediterranean cuisine and authentic dishes. Explore the gastronomic world of Dubrovnik and discover the diversity of Dubrovniks’ culture, food, and traditions.

Take a look at the most loved restaurants in Dubrovnik, both by locals and visitors alike.

Konoba Nava

Tavern Nava is a verified palse where traditional dishes prepared according to local recipes are served. This family restaurant was founded 25 years ago. It is located along the main street Stradun in a typical Mediterranean street where the spirit of the city is felt, so the whole experience becomes even better. Guests also witness the freshness of the street due to the special way of building throughout the history of the city of Dubrovnik, which allows the flow of fresh air. When it comes to the menu, it’s hard to single out only one thing to recommend. In addition to meat dishes, we emphasize fish specialties, the restaurant offers fresh and quality fish, shrimp, shellfish that are purchased from local fishermen, and conceived in the old fashioned way of cooking. The wine list follows the same story. We offer a large selection of wines from this area, from Konavle to the Peljesac peninsula and the island of Korcula. From white wines: Pošip and Malvsija, and from red wines: Plavac Mali, Postup and Dingač. As a dessert, the restaurant menu also offers a traditional Dubrovnik rozata. The guest in this restaurant feels the family spirit, the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere and the feeling that the dish is prepared just for him.

Lucin Kantun – Casual Dining

Lucin Kantun is a hidden gem of Dubrovnik’s gastronomy scene. This small family-owned restaurant is tucked away in a narrow street just off the main street of Dubrovnik – Stradun. Lucin Kantun will pleasantly surprise you with its special approach to preparing well-known traditional dishes. This is the place where love and passion for good food meet with innovative cooking techniques. Come and see what the fuss is all about! Charming interior, beautiful open kitchen, friendly staff, creative cuisine, fresh, high-quality food, and an excellent value for money… are just a few things that made this delightful family-owned restaurant a favorite place for Dubrovnik locals and visitors alike. Lucin Kantun offers you a menu that caters to everyone’s taste buds. If you are a vegetarian, meat lover or you enjoy fresh seafood Lucin Kantun has something for you to enjoy. With a motto of less is more this restaurant’s menu keeps it simple, original, and delicious. A la carte menu consists of cold dishes, cold tapas, warm tapas, salads, soups, main dishes, and of course, tasty desserts. If you visit Lucin Kantun you are guaranteed to be fascinated by traditional cuisine made with a modern twist.


Boccapiena, an ice cream shop, made for genuine adventure seekers a new adventure for their taste buds. We offer a selection of 32 flavors, and all are free of food colors, refined sugar, and chemical preservatives. We are also genuine pleasure seekers, especially when it comes to sweets and frozen treats to cool down Dubrovnik’s hot summers. That’s why we came up with an idea to combine our love for ice creams and the beauty of Dubrovnik being a pearl of the Adriatic Sea. Our recipes are carefully designed and coordinated by Italian technologists and confectioners, so it is a high-quality, proven recipe designed by experts in this industry for years. We have a team of Italian experts from the Carpigiani factory who helped us out and gave us full technical support. Everything from appliances to the Italian confectioners who devised ice creams and flavor recipes. All of the ice creams and frozen treats are made with premium authentic ingredients without preservatives or additives. All of the flavors are free of food color, refined sugar, and chemicals. We offer an essential ice cream experience, creamy, sweet and cold,. Most of the ice-creams are vegan and gluten-free. We guarantee a #mouthfulofhappines As ice cream experts in the Old Town Dubrovnik, we work hard to bring you the summer pleasure you deserve by offering fresh made-everyday, 32 flavors authentic, most delicious Italian ice cream. Our mission is to create an essential experience of handmade ice cream made of only natural ingredients. We like to say “To Love Is To Serve” decadent and nutritious iced desserts every time, as there is no exception when it comes to good taste.

Take Away – Fast Food

There are three restaurants in Dubrovnik under the Take Away franchise: Take Away Fresh, Take Away Mix and Take Away Orient. Together all of them are simply called – Take Away Dubrovnik! Take Away is a modern fast food concept restaurant that all have the same idea of making their customers full, happy, satisfied, and leaving them wanting more of their high-quality food and the cozy atmosphere that instantly invites you to come back again. All three restaurants are located in the Old Town of Dubrovnik and their quickly made delicious food is a great fuel for sightseeing all the beautiful attractions Dubrovnik has to offer.

Taj Mahal – Authentic Cuisine

„Guided by the thought that diversity is a blessing, we are the keepers of the traditional.“ – Edin & Edina. Taj Mahal offers you a peek into the authentic Bosnian cuisine that is, just like the country itself, a mix of multiple cultures and their flavors. Our authentic cuisine puts a big emphasis on vegetables, fresh herbs, and of course good meat. All of these must be prepared and combined with each other in perfect proportions. The meat prepared in Taj Mahal comes from our own butcher shop called Taj Butcheraj. This is how we keep up our high quality and standards when it comes to the fine meat we serve. All of the meat is sourced from the small, free-range farms, this way we quarantine you’ll have the complete tasting experience. When it comes to the vegetables we always serve produce that is currently in season and we source it from the local farmers around the Dubrovnik region and all across Croatia. Although we tend to highlight our prime meat menu, you can try many vegetarian dishes in Taj Mahal as well. Taj Mahal was founded out of the love of two people who share the same devotion for food, tradition, family, and all those so-called aged customs that include the smell of good food cooking, a table full of food, and that one plate always ready for any guests that may come. People we work with are our family, with whom we enjoy spending time and entertaining others with delicious food in a positive, fun, and warm atmosphere of our restaurants. Make a reservation for your lunch or dinner at any of our two Taj Mahal restaurants. Easy, quick, and simple!

Mirakul – The Best Pizza in Dubrovnik

Pizzeria Mirakul is located inside the walls of Dubrovnik near the main street Stradun. This pizzeria has several decades-long and well-known history of making delicious, thin, and crispy pizza. The story of Mirakul’s pizza begins in Italy, the recipe for the pizza was brought to Dubrovnik all the way from Naples by the family’s grandfather and current owner of this charming pizzeria. The story of Mirakul’s pizza starts with Andrija Sentic – grandfather and the head of the family, who was working in Naples as a baker. There he met the main pizza maker of Pizzeria Brandi who taught him the pizza dough recipe. After Andrija learned and mastered the pizza dough recipe he brought it back to Dubrovnik. From then on, grandfather’s secret pizza recipe has been made inside of the Pizzeria Mirakul’s kitchen and of course, they are keeping the secret recipe just for themselves. Pizzeria Mirakul offers a large selection of delicious pizzas, lasagne, pasta, salads, cold dishes, and desserts. The quality of food in this Pizzeria has earned recommendations and it has gained many compliments from guests from all over the world. The freshly homemade pizza dough, which has been made by hand just before baking and serving, is being served with local beer or wine, which fits perfectly with Mirakul pizzas. Whichever pizza you choose, you will not go wrong because every pizza made in Mirakul is freshly made with top-quality ingredients.

Coral Beach Club

The crowds inside the walls of Dubrovnik can get quite tiring at times. That’s why Coral Beach Club is perfect for you if you want to relax and take a break from the busy streets of Dubrovniks’ Old Town. Coral Beach Club is the place where you can have a relaxing cocktail by the sea, enjoy delicious food or even dance the night away at. Located on a beautiful beach, this piece of heaven on Earth offers you a relaxing time while you enjoy the shade from palm trees and the shooting breeze coming from the sea. Spend a lazy afternoon lounging on sunbeds or under the canopy, and if you get hungry after all the fun at the beach, you can have a top-notch meal in the Coral Beach Clubs’ restaurant. This luxury, open-air restaurant is a perfect blend of subtropical and Mediterranean design. That will serve you as a perfect background for an unforgettable dining experience in Dubrovnik. This restaurant serves dishes made out of fresh ingredients, such as meat from local farmers and freshly caught fish and seafood delivered from all around the Dubrovnik region. Top chefs and waiting staff are highly professional and you’ll be served with only the best authentic gastronomic specialties. When it comes to wines in Coral Beach Club, you can choose from a wide range of French, Italian, and of course Croatian wines that will perfectly complete your meal.